Happy Feedback Machine

Interactive Art Sculpture, Haptic Feedback Device, Imaginary Toy.

Happy Feedback Machine

Photo courtesy of Tom Igoe

The Happy Feedback Machine is an interactive sculpture and imaginary play device. Its primary purpose is to provide tactile satisfaction from playing with its buttons and switches, which are complimented by lights and sounds. Additionally, there are secret switch and button combinations that unlocks hidden functionality.

Design Purpose
To explore peoples' instinctual desire to push buttons. What compels us to touch and play with buttons? Is this attraction universal? The Happy Feedback Machine explores these questions.

- Create desire to play with its many buttons and switches.
- Fulfill that desire and provide tactile satisfaction.
- Operate with or without power.
- Imaginary toy for children & adults.
- Electrical puzzle with hidden, secret functionalities.
- Interactive art sculpture.

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